Our Company real story & core Mission

Lost Horizon Int’l Handicraft Industry core mission is to provide basic & advanced training of New Zealand wool felt products in free of cost to lowest economic level women and disable.

Our company very much concentrates on promotion of the Nepalese handmade organic felt products to encourage and develop the skills and lifestyle of the poor women from remote Terai & Himalayan parts of the country. We employ as more workers as possible from the economic level and village women while offering benefits such as health-care, education, foods, clothes to their children and many more…… We trust on fair trade leading to social benefits and we do focus on profit selfless and of course 100% free from child-labor. We select the workers under the strict supervision of the company.

Real story:

There was no felt handicraft industry remote area of Nepal called Galban, Thankot Kathmandu and Meghauli, Chitwan, Nepal, Both regions are close to the jungle and river. There was no job opportunity at all so people have obligated to go community forest, national park and river illegally to cutting wood, grass, collecting organic vegetable, fruits and fishing at river to surviving. We must inform you that many of people have been killed by Tiger, leopard, Rhinoceros, wild elephant, poisonous snakes and crocodile especially at Chitwan National park. There was really critical situation to the people who have obligated to stay close to the jungle and river. We are always thinking to away from this situation and we thought that we should open a felt handicraft industries and providing job opportunity so that we may reduce to go risky zone and save their life and of course protect environment variable indirectly.

For above reason our company board meeting has been decided to open a main factory at Galban, Thankot & branch factory at Meghauli chitwan which is nearby Chitwan National park. We have been providing basic & advanced training of New Zealand wool felt products in free of cost to lowest economic level women and disable. Now 200 women have been getting a job opportunity at main factory Thankot, Kathmandu and 300 women getting a job opportunity at branch factory Meghauli, Chitwan. We are the one open a branch factory out of Kathmandu valley which is 186 kilo meters far. Now we are almost reduced to go risky zone.  On the other hand, we protect environment variable indirectly and of course reduced poverty.

In addition to, Lost horizon int’l Handicraft Industry has heartily been supporting to “Shree Saraswoti Secondary School” Bharatpur Metropolitan City-28 (Jitpur), Chitwan, Nepal, we mean our company is built a science lab building where 750-850 students achieve benefit directly at this school as well as this company has been financial supporting to three Children for their high education from different region of Nepal such as 1.Unis Kumal from central Nepal of Chitwan district (his father is totally blinded) 2. Sunil Chaudharyfrom West Nepal of Bake/Bardiya district and 3.Susant Thapa Magar from East Nepal of Bara district all from lowest economy background and their parents have been getting a job opportunity at our industries at Kathmandu and Chitwan district. Additionally this company have been distributing 8 new brand cycles to +12 topper students to different school of Nepal to encourage to achieving high education and support to go their collage as well as we are doing financial support to make new black topped road, temple, health sector and many more……….Our contribution to be continued like socially, nationally and internationally.

We believe that you will also be best business partner for our core “MISSION” & “CONTRIBUTION” to reduce poverty of Nepal by placing bulk order of felt products.

We are always be impressing with slogan of mother “TERESA” as she said:

“I can do things, you cannot, you can do things, I cannot, together we can do great things”

Come on let’s do great job together.

You will find the following in our services:

  • 1. Genuine products
  • 2. Items of competitive price
  • 3. Wide variety of original items
  • 4. Guaranteed on quality & designs
  • 5. Advanced service
  • Area of Industries and number of employees:
  • 16492.2 Sq. ft. or 3 Ropani in Thankot-2, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • 36450.0 Sq. ft. or 10 katha in Meghauli-1, Chitwan, Nepal
  • Maximum 4-5 weeks production lead time for bulk order. Delivery time 5-7 working days by Air and 45-55 days by land sea
  • More than 500 employees (women) in Kathmandu & Chitwan Industries, we are targeted to given a job plus one thousand women including disable.