Basic Wet Felting

Wet felting is the process of making rectangular fabrics from multiple wool layers. To create a rigid, felted product, the wool fibers are continuously rubbed together with mild soap and warm water. The wool fibers are encouraged to lock together by friction. This method creates a sensory experience and enables the wool to be worked and molded in various ways to create unique felt crafts.


Needle Felting

A unique needle with tiny barbs on end is used for felting. This method involves a small amount of wool rolled up and punctured with a specialized felting needle. The felting needle pulls the wool into itself when it stabs the fiber. As the needle stabs the wool repeatedly, it continues to pull in on itself and, with its minuscule scales, locks together. The end product is a hard circular shape that our talented artisans may transform into one-of-a-kind, fashionable crafts.

Stitching Team-min


This type of hand-felting is executed by our artisans using various stitching methods. The whipstitch and blanket stitch are the most frequently employed in felt appliqué. The main purpose of these stitches is to join two pieces of felt together. Our manufactured felt products can now feature intricate detailing thanks to this technique, creating stunning works of art.

End of Line QC Flow-min

Department of Quality Control

Responsible for maintaining a systemic workflow and optimum product quality, our department abides by a quality control manual, ensuring there is no compromise during our process of manufacture and shipping.