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Lost Horizon Int’l. Handicraft Industry Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2002, Lost Horizon International Handicraft Industry is one the largest manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters of handmade organic felt products in Nepal.
Our core mission is to create as well as expand opportunities for underprivileged and physically disabled women in remote areas of Terai and Himalayan parts of Nepal by providing free basic and advanced training of New Zealand wool (felt products).
We started with the vision of empowering and enabling underprivileged women to uplift their livelihood and become financially independent through free training and employment opportunities in the handicraft industry. Within the first 5 years of establishment, we were able to provide employment opportunities to 300+ people.
Our primary focus is the promotion of Nepalese handmade organic felt products. We have been manufacturing and exporting organic felt products to different countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Oceania.

A message from the MD,

In today’s world of widespread Globalization, we in Lost Horizon Handicrafts believe that meeting our customer’s requirement is essential to the success of our organization. For the last two decades, we have been providing the global market with the Qualitative Handmade, Organic, and Eco-Friendly Felt Products; maximizing the value for our customers in their respective markets. In our 20 years journey, we have witnessed consistent growth, achieved a long term success and faced many challenging situations.
Our vision is to deliver qualitative products second to none. Our vision have helped us today to stand out differently in a competitive Felt Industry. Our primary focus is to achieve this goal through our professional management systems, safe working conditions, and safe guarding the future of our employees through career path & social security funds and lastly with remuneration that meet the minimum requirement and bonuses as per value of their work. You may not find the most educated nor a socio-economically strong individuals at our factories. But, you will surely find hard working/professional individual at our factories. These individuals may not be the most literate as I mentioned earlier but, the realization of standing different than others is through the work that we put out for our customers.
As mother Teresa once said, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” Let’s work together to make an impact to the lives of people, who come from a very different background. It is our company’s mission/goal to provide employment to 1000 individuals from the remote part of Nepal. Let’s join our hands together to raise the living standard of 1000 families and commence the initial steps towards providing upgraded basic needs (food, clothes, better shelter & education) of these people and their families.

Thank-you & Namaste,
Mr. Tel Bahadur Kumal (Vishal)
Managing Director

Our Impact

We provide free basic and advanced training in producing felt products to the underprivileged and physically disabled women in remote areas of Nepal. We have provided employment opportunities to hundreds of underprivileged individuals in our factories in Kathmandu and Chitwan. In addition, we also offer many other benefits like healthcare, education, food, clothes etc. to their children.
Within the first 5 years of establishment, we were able to employ 300+ individuals. Currently we have 400+ employees in Bharatpur – 28, Chitwan, 200+ employees in Chandragiri – 3, Kathmandu and 100+ employees in Chandragiri – 5, Kathmandu. Our target is to employ 1000 individuals within the next 5 years.
We have been heartily supporting “Shree Saraswoti Secondary School” in Bharatpur Metropolitan City-28 (Jitpur), Chitwan. We have built a science lab building which benefits the 750 – 850 students at this school.
Every year, we provide scholarships to the top 5 students of the “Shree Aadharbhut School Sisabas (1 – 8)” school which has 8 grades as of now. We have also been distributing 8 new bicycles to +2 topper students from different colleges of Nepal to support and encourage them to pursue higher education.



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