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Welcome to the Chitwan branch of “Lost Horizon Int’l Handicraft Industry”. We are the largest felt products Manufacturer, Exporter and ISO certified company. We have been exporting handmade Felt Dryer Ball and other Felt Handcrafted Products all over the world since 2002. Our factory in chitwan is located in the remote part of Meghauli- Chitwan, Nepal, where we have created job opportunity for more than 350 under privileged village women and targeting to grow the factory capacity to accommodate 500 plus village craftsmen women & men including disable people. Before Lost Horizon International Handicraft Industry, there wasn’t any felt handicraft industry in the remote area of Meghauli- Chitwan of Nepal. Our Chitwan Factory is near the jungle and river-side. Due to the lack of employment opportunity and poor financial condition of the local people in this areas, they were obligated to go to the community forest, national park and river-side for cutting wood, grass, collecting organic vegetable, fruits and fishing for their survival. Many of these people were attacked by animals or killed by tiger, leopard, rhinoceros, wild elephant, poisonous snakes, and crocodile especially at Chitwan National Park. It was a really critical situation to the people who were obligated to stay close to the jungle and river. Having our roots in the village, we decided to decided to establish our second factory in the village “a felt handicraft industry” to provide them a job opportunity, which may be able reduce their financial problem as well as save their life from wild animals. And of course our industry could protect environmental degradation indirectly.


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